SmartGridCIS at Work in the Land Down Under

Horizon Power is a State Government-owned utility in Western Australia serving 48,000 customer connections including 10,000 businesses.  However, unlike any utility in the U.S., its service area covers 2.3 million square kilometers. By comparison, the largest service area stateside is Pacific Gas & Electric, which covers 181,000 square kilometers. Along with Horizon Power’s vast territory comes a wide range of residents and customers, including remote Aboriginal communities.  With recent regulatory changes, as well as the need to replace outdated technology, Horizon Power looked to SmartGridCIS for a revolutionary meter-and-software prepayment solution.

Learn how Horizon Power utilizes the SmartGridCIS prepayment system to serve isolated communities, giving these customers access to electricity without going into debt  – Download the Case Study

SmartGridCIS Fuels “Pay-as-you-Go” Program for Wake Forest Power

Offering a prepaid product to delinquent customers can significantly improve collection rates and improve customer satisfaction. But prepaid is not just for delinquent and high-risk customers. Today’s consumers are “buying” into the concept of prepaid with their cell phones, prepaid debit cards, and more. So why not offer it for electricity? It’s the perfect complement to a smart metering environment. Combine that with the growing “prepaid” trend and industry experts are predicting a 20% adoption rate by the year 2020.  Imagine what that might be worth to your company.

Learn how the Wake Forest Power utilizes prepay to significantly increase collection rates and improve customer satisfaction – Download the Case Study

4 Ways Energy Providers Can Turn Customers On

It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the traditional regulated utility model in the U.S. was disrupted by a wave of major restructuring and deregulation.
Today, there is another disruption in the energy market, but this time, it’s coming from consumers with their ubiquitous smart phones and tablets. Due to the growing use of mobile devices and the content that is available through those devices, consumers can easily monitor bills, usage, and prices. With more information, consumers are more demanding, and more willing to switch than ever before. Through this eBook, SmartGridCIS describes strategies for attracting and retaining customers in today’s market, utilizing the same tools consumers are demanding.


Loyalty Marketing for REPs – 3 Ways Retail Energy Providers Can Keep Customers Longer

How do you differentiate when all of your competitors offer a similar product for a similar price? Stand-out customer service! You may not be able to predict energy price fluctuations, and you don’t know how your competitors will respond – but you can always foster better relationships with the consumers in your locale. In fact, top-notch customer service may even cause your competitors’ customers to jump ship. According to a consumer survey by Harris Interactive, 40 percent of respondents began purchasing from a competitive brand solely because of its reputation for greater customer service. Loyalty marketing can help you build that reputation.

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